A human just like you that practice Creativity to Maximize my own Emotional Intelligence

I seek to understand others by listening to their life experiences. For that reason I invested time and effort to understand myself as a creative human being. In the discovery process, my mind gained the clarity to act on it but my body was taking more time. For that reason, I looked into the neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence. I wanted to know how to communicate efficiently with my own body to offer the support needed during challenging times. I pursued micro-moments to expand the small little things I was doing right. Little by little during my journey I cultivated a breathing space to grow my Emotional Intelligence along the company of amazing human beings. That is me in the here and now. There is always more to do…

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Gain clarity and feel calm by applying my simple and effective tools in your everyday life.

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Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of my clients have to say

“Thanks to Annick’s help, I was able to set the goals I really wanted for my life and work towards them.”

– Taysa Maggino, Author

“I discovered what was happening to me so I could decide what I was going to focus on.”

– Miralba Lopez, Student

“”It was an important experience to modify and improve my vision, perception, and actions””

– Franco Perna, Fashion Designer

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