For less than 10 minutes of your time a day, you'll notice changes.

5 days is enough for you to stretch your own calm state. Each day, there is a short video and 3 simple things to do.

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Hola,  My name is Annick and I am here to teach you how to gain a calm mind on the spot. There is no point to leave your calmness for when you get home, meditate, walk or exercise, because by then, your mind is already exhausted from the daily stresses.

Instead, I invite you to use simple science facts, coaching tools, and your creative input to gain control over those micro-moments in your day that can offer you a space to breathe into calmness. First recognize your own state of mind and body. Second, train your mind to recognize the what, when, where, and who. Lastly, interrupt it and give yourself a space to feel calm to respond by informing your decision.

I believe that our mind-body state needs to be explored, known, understood, and controlled for our own benefit. Cultivating our calm state allow us to act coherently with what we think, feel, and do.

Give it a try and learn by yourself how to gain a calm mind on the spot.

Gain clarity and feel calm by applying my simple and effective tools in your everyday life.

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Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of my clients have to say

“Thanks to Annick’s help, I was able to set the goals I really wanted for my life and work towards them.”

– Taysa Maggino, Author

“I discovered what was happening to me so I could decide what I was going to focus on.”

– Miralba Lopez, Student

“”It was an important experience to modify and improve my vision, perception, and actions””

– Franco Perna, Fashion Designer

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