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80% of cultural differences exist within countries and not between them.

I need Sponsorship to facilitate the production video-podcasts and interviews to promote Latin Cultural Integration here in Ireland by bringing about awareness of our responsibility to rapidly adapt behaviour and habits to relate to others around us. 

79% of performance gets lost when different values and personalities clash under poor leadership.

Let’s break it down into smaller pieces…

Who Am I?: I am a Venezuelan girl living in Dublin for the last 20 years. I’ve been always curious about how humans discover what their talents are. I wanted to know, what is it that people FEEL when DOING what they love the most? How is it that people discover their talents despite the most challenging circumstances?

With that in mind, my life contains stories that relate to others from the heart. Regardless of where we come from we have an opportunity to offer our talents to others around us. Hacking emotions allow us to understand our own identity and relate to others without labels. Heart-to-heart connection.

My role: An intermediary between Irish and immigrant communities. Host and interviewer.

What Do I want from you?: Sponsorship to facilitate the production of podcasts and interviews.

How does his project work?: Promoting Latin Cultural Integration here in Ireland by raising awareness of the responsibility to rapidly adapt behaviours and habits to relate to others.

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