My monthly posts and webinar are meant to inspire your creativity by awaking your curiosity about your thinking and feelings, so you get to understand what you think and feel to understand what others think and feel too. This month’s theme is Positive Vibes.
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Let’s start with this…

I am a person who NEEDS to feel positive to connect to others. I feel positive vibes when I laugh, share ideas, and hang out with heart-liked people. For that reason, it is my responsibility to monitor, and self-regulate positive vibes within myself. Positive vibes come out of ME in form of energy towards others. That “Je ne sais quoi” is attached to my words, facial expressions, body gestures, and is also expressed through my humour. What I know for sure is that when I feel connected from within I am in alignment with what I think and feel. That feeling of alignment drives positive vibes from my inside world to the outside world. The way I share my own experiences has the potential to dial up the quality of my positive vibes. The opposite is also true. Feeling disconnected from me reduces the quality of my positive vibes. In my own experience, the latter happens in the presence of one of these:

My thinking gets pre-occupied with solving the unsolvable.

My emotions are flowing faster than my capacity to self-regulate.

Let’s break it down into smaller pieces…

Do something different

Our thinking influences feelings and feelings influence our thinking. A train of thought in your head generates a feedback loop that impacts your mood. Energy flows from within you to the outside world that way. Thinking about unsolvable situations will encourage your emotions towards anxiety, frustration, lack of autonomy, etc. Stop thinking about unsolvable situations. STOP. Focus your attention on what encourages your emotions to move towards positive vibes. This is the time to DO something different instead of thinking more of the same.

Know your “Je ne sais quoi”

Understanding what activates your positive vibes is powerful. Think in terms of who – when –where –what- gives YOU that “Je ne sais quoi” of goodness from within. ‘Simple things’ such as going to the gym, dancing, calling a friend to laugh with, walking, listening to certain music, playing the piano, trying something new, writing, hugging a dog, doing something good for someone; are the ‘Simple things’ that work well for me. Understanding what works well for me helps me to break the negative feedback loop in my thinking. I choose to do one activity even though I don’t feel up for it. Moreover, I learned to speed up this process by anchoring calmness from within. This process is explained in my monthly webinars.

It is what it is

There’ll be times when my thinking-emotions feedback loop system will take me away from my Positive Vibes. That is ok. Recognizing when our thinking gets stuck in ‘the unsolvable’ is enough for me to do something different. I either stop the process by focusing my attention on the ‘simple things’ or stay within my dead-end inner dialog. Expect to feel what you are feeling while DOING one of the ‘simple things’. Remember you can speed up this process by anchoring your calmness from within.


Talking the language of the body

The mind can follow instructions in the form of information. DOING simple things works well for the mind because they come from positive information about you. The body follows instructions in the form of energy in motion. Anchoring calmness works well for the body because it communicates to the body in its own language: energy in motion.

A great opportunity

Positive vibes are feelings that travel in space and time from within. Anchoring your calmness adds to your positive vibes. They get attached to your tone of voice, the pauses between your sentences, the light that shines out of your eyes, the energy of your enthusiasm, the words you choose to create sentences, your facial expression, and more. Every day we got a 24 hours window of opportunity to create positive vibes. I think of it as a way to communicate contentment from within. Not because I want to appear cool and Zen but because I got a daily opportunity to train my mind and body to focus my attention on what is working well in my life. Simple.

Whether is online or/and in-person I know others can feel my positive vibes. That is up to me. No one else is responsible for activating them inside me. It is an opportunity to direct our thinking and feeling towards what works well. The more I get to do that the better I get at it.

Monitor your thinking and feelings. Rise up your awareness and give yourself the window of opportunity to activate your positive vibes at will. Learn how to anchor your calmness from within and be ready to enhance your own Positive Vibes. Your positive vibes start from within.

Underneath Your Skin

When it comes to positive Vibes, start from within. To get you started follow this fast process in your mind:

  • What is my thinking focused on? Is it making me feel good or bad?
  • If it is making me feel bad. STOP IT!
  • Focus your attention on doing one of your ‘simple things’


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