What I do.

Every journey begins by taking the first step. In a world where emotional regulation has never been more important, this course will equip you with simple techniques you can use everyday. Watch the video to find out more.

Change the way you perceive your life forever.

Get inspired by your talents while motivating others!

I seek to validate your strengths and talents with the intention of clearing what you think and what you do in life by having a creative conversation with you. I believe that there is a powerful force inside every conversation that connects from the heart. My wish is for you to walk away with your authentic self by regulating emotions during our conversations.

Hence, everything I do is through creative conversations. Feeling safe and well comes from from feeling understood. Connecting to ourselves and others from our own calm space anchors our creativity. Tapping into our own creativity activates our potential.

All that said, the best way for you to understand what I do is by experiencing it. So if you feel misunderstood, confuse, overwhelm and unclear about making informed decisions…a creative conversation might be the thing for you. Whatever problem in your mind, you have the right to seek for new possibilities through a creative conversation without feeling judge.

I am here to assist you through your own creative process. Looking forward to meeting you through the one-to-one session or through the online course.


Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of my clients have to say

“I was able to connect strategic dots that would not have been possible to do on my own and without her professionalism.”

– Hector Castillo, Musician

“Annick is empathic yet strong and very easy to talk to, making you comfortable enough to tackle difficult topics head on.”

– Rukmini Kelkar, Artist

“I built so much confidence on what I wanted to do next for my career and clarity on how I could get there.”

– Indira Fernandez, Brand Manager

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Watch the video to find out more.

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